"I was apprehensive to try paddle board yoga and am extremely thankful I chose Anchored and Chris Martindale to begin what will now be a life-long enjoyment of paddle board yoga. Each time I take a class, I find more joy and am learning to challenge myself more. I highly recommend Anchored and Chris!"

-Julie Sodeman


"I’ve taken this class 3x and it keeps getting better!! Looking forward to taking more."

-Jaque Enterline



You hear it all from people who have never tried it - the fears, the hesitations, and the doubts about SUP yoga.  I was that person.  Never having done yoga before, let alone on a wobbly board, I can tell you that you probably won't be amazing at the start; however, the good news is that you don’t have to be.  Though I certainly was not amazing my first time out on the water, my instructor, Chris Martindale, truly was.

Any mental barriers that you might have about SUP yoga, Chris is the guy that will help you plow right through them - and believe me, I had many!  I am sure it was quite evident of my lingering doubts about SUP yoga when I shot Chris a mistrustful look as he handed me my paddle for the first time was.  However, the confidence and ease he displayed as he went through step-by-step instructions with our group already gave me a feeling of readiness as I made my way onto my board.  His calm surety at the very start sent all of us the clear message that if you know how to move your body, and you know how to breathe, well then, you can do SUP yoga.

Whether it’s a yoga class or another type of instructional course, what you get out of it depends a lot upon the person teaching it that can make all the difference.  Chris' guidance and being able to confidently direct our group of people of varying abilities in and out of postures using only words has got to be a challenge in and of itself, but doing it in a smooth and clear way that maintains the flow of the class seems to be his trademark. His graceful gentleness in both voice and personality had me almost convinced by the end of the session that I could walk on water.

I guarantee you, Chris’ knowledge and authenticity that he displays while he teaches will empower you as he invites you to explore your own authentic self. My advice?  His SUP yoga classes are the perfect balance of fun and fitness - so be brave, take a deep breath, hit the pause button on your crazy, hectic life, and savor the tranquility that he can help guide back into your life. ... And even if you fall in the water, you'll still thank him.

-Angie Atkins